Vintage Vehicles & Engines Booking Form

Thank you for your support in helping us to establish a good display of historic vehicles at our show.  Our primary concern is safety and we ask all exhibitors to keep that in mind and to fully support our Show Safety Officer.  A static display will be set up and it is hoped that this year there may be a parade of historic vehicles in one of the rings, weather and time permitting.

We advise exhibitors to familiarise themselves with the law regarding the use of red diesel fuel in agricultural tractors and engines.  Our understanding is that this cannot be used in anything registered as a historic vehicle used for leisure activities, where normal white diesel must be used.

Conditions of entry:  All exhibitors are asked to confirm:

  1. I declare that during the whole of the Show my exhibit(s) will be covered by THIRD PARTY INSURANCE and the insurance policy covers show use and has a limit of indemnity of not less than two million pounds.  I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the organisers of the Show, for any claim for personal injury and/or damage to property whatsoever caused by my vehicle(s) or exhibits or by the drivers or operators thereof, whilst taking part in the show or travelling onto or off the showground.  Please upload a copy of your insurance (one page certificate only) .  Anyone without suitable insurance will not be permitted to exhibit.
  2. I will ensure that anyone driving/operating my exhibit(s) on the show ground has an appropriate, current driving licence and that the driver is covered by my insurance.
  3. I will ensure that my exhibit(s) will be immobilised at any time when left unattended.  Stationary Engines must be exhibited behind safety fencing and comply with the NVT&E Club safety rules (copy attached).
  4. I agree to have my exhibit(s) in place as early as possible but at least before 10:00am and until 5:00pm on the show day; to display details of the exhibit, including the owners name and to be willing, when requested, to explain the features of my exhibit to show visitors.  (The official Mottram Show Exhibit Log Sheet is available on the website).
  5. I accept the rules of the Society and agree to comply with any reasonable instruction given by a show official including specifically any conditions or requirements relating to Health, Safety and Security.
  6. I will support the Society in its aims of providing a safe and enjoyable show for everyone.

Booking Form

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I agree to abide by all the rules and conditions on this document and the safety notes on the website.
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